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Abel Burger is a french artist born in 1982, living in a small fishermen town south of France. Her work is about the concept of individual mythologies where ancient memories, myths, energies and beliefs come together and create a new system of images, narratives and emotions. These element create what she calls archeologies of the future and are fed by her passion for ancient culture and brutalist architecture. 


2022 : Gallery Brigade, La Havana Cuba

2021 : MOMA of Collioure - reading of texts written over a period of twenty years and extending the initial project called "Only the memory of things"

2018 - 2019 : Instinct Berlin - questioning identities, masculinities and gender
2018 : Berlin Art Institute - project “Lost and Found” - individual meetings around the question of displacement and the search for oneself in an unknown place.



2022 : Mixed media book - poetry and drawings "Seul le souvenir des choses"

2020 : art book "LaBrutale" published in "Voix Editions" Perpignan

2019 : art book published in “Voix Editions” ++ LEPORELLO ++ Multiple Perpignan

2018 : painting review & poetry “Handcastle” magazine, Boston, USA

2016 : fiction “Roches Noires” under review at “La Contre Allée” editions
2015 : scenario “Finesite” handed to the french actress Fanny Ardant
2013 : novel “Beef” in Walrus editions

2012 : creation “Arrrgh” magazine & published texts, Paris
            novel in Branded magazine, Paris
2011 : poetry, literature magazine “La main Blanche”, Paris
2010 : novel “12 cordes” Antidata editions, Paris
2009 : poetry in “La revue des 100 voix”, Paris


2022 : Pulp gallery, Holyoke

             Brigade gallery, Copenhague

             Mason Fine arts, Atlanta

             galerie DYS, Bruxelles 

             galerie des Hospices, Canet

             Wondering People, London

2021 :  Atelier Hermann Mehr

             NBB gallery, Berlin

             galerie Tralala, Perpignan 

             centre d'art contemporain À Cent Mètres du Monde, Perpignan 

             Mason Fine Arts, Atlanta, USA 

2020 : Schwules Museum, Berlin 

             galerie Feu ! , Besançon 

2019 :  GIFT Hotel Paris Berlin

             Instinct Berlin



2023 : Brigade gallery, Copenhague

2021 :  Musée d'art moderne de Collioure

2020 : galerie Baull, Berlin

             galerie Hôphophop, Besançon

2019 :  galerie L'Isba, Perpignan

             galerie Garten114, Berlin

2018 :  galerie Instinct, Berlin

             espace d'art contemporain Green House, Berlin


2021 -2022 : Short film "Seul le souvenir des choses", directed by Albert Oriol

2014 : film director of “Metamorphosis” short film, Paris
2012 : creation of a transdisciplinary collective “La Meute” Paris


Reportage France Télévisions France 3, novembre 2021 (fr)

Interview NinuNina, october 2021 (eng)

Interview Lelitteraire, july 2020 (fr)

Interview Vent sud magazine, winter 2018 (Fr)
Article Art Majeur Occitanie summer 2018 (Fr) 
Interview BaronMag (Fr) 

​Interview NeonPajamas (Eng)

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