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Your greatest inspirations or influences?

I think now I’m mostly inspired by ancient civilizations and all that is connected to that, rituals, symbolism, architecture… It looks familiar to me in a way and it feels right to be surrounded by all theses images and emotions.

Tell us about your creative process


I read a lot about ancient civilizations, documenting my thoughts with pictures, books, and travel. I never have a specific idea of what I want to do but I’m directed by intuition. When I do a commissioned work, I always take the time to connect with the person and ask about them, their life, feelings, past and so on. I can see images of it and then I can work with that.

How did the pandemic affect your creativity?

I am grateful that the pandemic didn’t affect me or my relatives and I feel empathy for those that didn’t have this chance. This situation didn’t change anything for me for this reason but also because I work a lot and I don’t need so much in my life to be happy.

Icons in your opinion?

I don’t have a specific person in mind but I would say, anybody that have the courage and consciousness to work on themself to feel better in their lives. I am convinced that it will lead to a better relationship to this world we are living in. I am impressed and inspired by people who spread love.

What does wellbeing mean to you?

What I just said is part of the wellbeing you talk about. I’m connected to spirituality, nature, and I also work a lot on myself, looking with kindness in every part of my story that feels not good, trying to not identify myself with my emotions. You know I think we are creative in so many ways, that even if we can’t change the tough events we were going through, we can still change the relationship to them. These changes will lead to a more peaceful life. I believe all that work on ourselves like I don’t know meditations, analysis, retreats and so on, all that work on our individualities will lead to a better collective. But of course, this is only one of the multiple way to be conscious.

I just encourage everybody to find their skills, what they are good at, and what makes them profoundly happy. Whey they find it, nourish it, no matter how long that takes. I used to have random jobs to make money. It’s been only 3 years when i decided to trust myself and to experience the life i wanted to have. Now I’m that kind of “spiritual painter whatever the label” I wanted to be and I finally experience the happiness of being my true self. It was worth it.

Article de Leila Antakli pour le magazine Ninu Nina, 2020

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