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Abel Burger is a french artist born in 1982, living in a small fishermen town south of France. Her work is about the concept of individual mythologies where ancient memories, myths, energies and beliefs come together and create a new system of images, narratives and emotions. These element create what she calls archeologies of the future and are fed by her passion for History, philosophy and symbolism.


2022 : Gallery Brigade, La Havana Cuba

2021 : MOMA of Collioure - reading of texts written over a period of twenty years and extending the initial project called "Only the memory of things"

2018 - 2019 : Instinct Berlin - questioning identities, masculinities and gender
2018 : Berlin Art Institute - project “Lost and Found” - individual meetings around the question of displacement and the search for oneself in an unknown place.


2024 : Cadence gallery, Shangai

2023 : Dys gallery, Bruxelles

             Enter art fair, Copenhague

             Outsider Art Fair, New York

             Drawing Now, Paris

             galerie L'Isba, Perpignan

             Brigade gallery, Copenhague

2022 : Pulp gallery, Holyoke

             Enter Art Fair, Copenhague

             Mason Fine arts, Atlanta

             galerie DYS, Bruxelles 

             galerie des Hospices, Canet

             Wondering People, London

2021 :  Atelier Hermann Mehr

             NBB gallery, Berlin

             galerie Tralala, Perpignan 

             centre d'art contemporain À Cent Mètres du Monde, Perpignan 

             Mason Fine Arts, Atlanta, USA 

2020 : Schwules Museum, Berlin 

             galerie Feu ! , Besançon 

2019 :  GIFT Hotel Paris Berlin

             Instinct Berlin



2023 : Galerie Dys, Bruxelles

2021 :  Musée d'art moderne de Collioure

2020 : galerie Baull, Berlin

             galerie Hôphophop, Besançon

2019 :  galerie L'Isba, Perpignan

             galerie Garten114, Berlin

2018 :  galerie Instinct, Berlin

             espace d'art contemporain Green House, Berlin

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