Abel burger is a French painter born in 1982. She has been part of the Parisian underground scene as an author of texts on gender and identity and as a video artist. In summer 2018, she chose to devote her work to making portraits of individuals met on social media in a project called “Lost and found”, carried out at the Berlin Art Institute. The question of the intimate is the central axis of her work and it can be found as much in her drawings as in the spontaneous texts that accompany them.

Her recent art residency at Instinct allowed them to engage with the community at Village Berlin and more broadly with the city, which now also serves as a laboratory for her creations. Deepening their work on intimacy with hybrid creations about people, “Beautiful Weirdos” is part of the continuity of their research.

She just exhibited on a new project called “Chasing Spirits”, in l'ISBA gallery in Perpignan. 

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2018 - 2019 : Instinct Berlin - questioning identities, masculinities and gender
2018 : Berlin Art Institute - project “L
ost and Found”



2019 : art book "LaBrutale" about to be published in "Voix Editions" December

            art book published in “Voix Editions” spring 2019 ++ LEPORELLO ++ Multiple

2018 : painting review & poetry “Handcastle” magazine, Boston, USA

2016 : fiction “Roches Noires” under review at “La Contre Allée” editions
2015 : scenario “Finesite” handed to the french actress Fanny Ardant
2013 : novel “Beef” in Walrus editions

2012 : creation “Arrrgh” magazine & published texts, Paris
            novel in Branded magazine, Paris
2011 : poetry, literature magazine “La main Blanche”, Paris
2010 : novel “12 cordes” Antidata editions, Paris
2009 : poetry in “La revue des 100 voix”, Paris


2020 : group show & Co-curating, Archipel, for Instinct#9 Berlin

             solo show LaBrutale, galerie Baull, Berlin 14/2

             solo show LaBrutale, Hôphophop, Besançon 6/3

2019 : solo show, galerie “L'Isba”, Perpignan, 19/6
           solo Show, Garten114, Berlin, 6/6
           collective Show, GIFT Hotel Paris Berlin, 9/5
           collective show, Instinct Berlin, 18/04

2018 : beautiful Weirdo, 11/12
           lost and found exhibition, Green House, berlin, august

2014 : writing performance, Lab galerie Artyfact, Paris

2012 : “Rodeo” reading at “La Mutinerie”, queer & alternativel place, Paris

           vjing at “La Mutinerie”
2011 : “flux tendu”, editorial perf at La Maison des Metallos, Zinc editions
2010 : performance organized by the city of Paris “24 heures d'écriture”


2014 : film director of “Metamorphosis” short film, Paris
2012 : creation of a transdisciplinary collective “La Meute” Paris


Interview à venir, Kaltblut Magazine

Interview Vent sud magazine, winter 2018 (Fr)
Article Art Majeur Occitanie summer 2018 (Fr) 
Interview BaronMag (Fr) 

​Interview NeonPajamas (Eng)



Artiste peintre /

French artist


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66660 Port Vendres

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