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Abel Burger is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice ranges from oil pastel and drawing to video works and written essays. Strongly influenced by the artistic movements of the 1990s, Burger was a central member of the Parisian underground scene, authoring texts on gender and identity, and developing video work series. Burger's interdisciplinary practice has since expanded to new formats, including highly detailed oil pastels on paper and balsa wood. Inspired by a passion for ancient cultures and architectural spaces, these works explore concepts of individual mythologies in which ancient memories, energies, and beliefs come together to create a new system of images, narratives, and emotions which the artist terms 'archaeologies of the future'.  


Burger’s work has been exhibited in numerous solo shows across Europe and the US, including Musée d'Art Moderne, Collioure (2021), Baull Gallery, Berlin (2020), and group shows at Wondering People, London (2022) and Mason Fine Arts, Atlanta, USA (2021). Burger lives and works in Port-Vendres, France. 



2024     Goodbye horses, DYS, Brussels, BE

2023     Appaloosa, BRIGADE, Copenhagen, DK 

2021      Seul le souvenir des choses, MOMA of Collioure,  

2020     LaBrutale, Baull Gallery, Berlin 

               Puis vient le silence, Hôphophop Collectif, Besançon 

2019      Chasser les Esprits, Galerie d’Art Contemporain L’ISBA, Perpignan 

               Détruite, Garten114 gallery, Berlin 

2018      Beautiful Weirdo,, Berlin 

               Abel Burger, Green House, Berlin 




2024     Outsider Art Fair with Pulp Holyoke, New York

               State of play with Eritage art projects, Lisboa

2023     Enter Art Fair with BRIGADE, Copenhagen, DK  

               Outsider Art Fair with Mason Fine Arts, New York  

               Drawing Now Art Fair with Galerie DYS, Paris 

2022     Abel Burger / Alexandra Duprez w/ Andrew Smith, Pulp Gallery, Holyoke  

               Enter Art Fair with BRIGADE, Copenhagen, DK 

                Salt ‘n Paper, Galerie DYS, Brussels 

                L’éte, Galerie des Hospices, Canet-en-Roussilon 

2021       Les Curiosités Poétiques, Atelier Hermann, Perpignan  

                Paper Works Volume II, NBB Gallery, Berlin 

                Homage à Matisse, TRALALA Galerie, Perpignan 

                Biennale Festival R-cas, Centre d’Art Contemporain, 

                Àcentmètresducentredumonde, Perpignan 

2020      Intimacy: New Queer Art from Berlin and Beyond, Schwules Museum, Berlin 

                Des choses très concrètes, collectif Feu, Besançon 




2022       Mixed media book, poetry and drawings, ‘Seul le souvenir des choses’ 

2020       Art book ‘LaBrutale’ published in ‘Voix Editions’ Perpignan 

2019        Art book published in ‘Voix Editions’ ++ LEPORELLO ++ Multiple Perpignan 

2018        Paintings & poetry, Handcastle magazine, Boston, USA 

2016         Fiction ‘Roches Noires’, under review at La Contre Allée editions 

2015         Scenario ‘Finesite’, for Fanny Ardant 

2013         Novel ‘Beef’, Walrus editions 

2012         Creation ‘Arrrgh’ magazine & published texts, Paris 

                 Novel in Branded magazine, Paris 

2011         Poetry, literature magazine ‘La main Blanche’, Paris 

2010        Novel ‘12 cordes’ Antidata editions, Paris 

2009        Poetry in ‘La revue des 100 voix’, Paris  




2022        BRIGADE, Havana, Cuba 

2021         MOMA Collioure. Extension of the project “Only the Memory of Things” 

2018-19   Instinct Berlin, Berlin 

2018         Berlin Art Institute, Berlin 




2021-22    Short film ‘Seul le souvenir des choses’, directed by Albert Oriol 

                   Short film ‘Metamorphosis’, Paris 

2012           Creation of a transdisciplinary collective ‘La Meute’ Paris 

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